At Timmelle Music Studios we believe that the best kind of music is music that is made together!  That's why we have created community music groups for you to join.  Check them out here -

The Toowoomba Regional Youth Orchestra  (TRYO)

A fun youth ensemble for musicians aged 10 to 20+. From Avengers to Zootopia, Beethoven to Viva la Vida; Rehearsals Mondays 3:45 -5pm. 

The Toowoomba Gospel Choir

Open to all ages from 13 up. If you love hanging out with fabulous people and being involved with music that is fun, meaningful and energetic then the Toowoomba Gospel Choir is for you. Find us on Facebook. 

The Toowoomba Regional Youth Beginner Ensemble  (TRYBE) 

Open to homeschoolers that have just started on their instrument, this group meets on Monday afternoons from 2 pm.  For more information please contact us.