Our Teachers    

Tim Gray

Piano, Woodwind, Music Theory/Composition

Tim has been playing and teaching music for more years than he'd like us to mention here. He enjoys a good game of cricket, making music with his family and friends and making people laugh with his killer Marvin the Martian impression and his ability to remember and repeat entire funny movie scenes at unusual times. 

Tim holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music), a Graduate Diploma of Education, AMusA and a Masters in Music Technology.  

For vocational training in the Music Industry courses, he holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, as well as a Diploma in Music Industry.

Michelle Gray


Michelle has been singing and performing all over Australia for over 20 years.  She is the singer/songwriter for kids and family group, Jam; conductor of the Toowoomba Gospel Choir and a singer in various other settings.  

Michelle has completed the three levels of Somatic Voiceworks (TM) The LoVetri Method.  This method is based on scientific research in vocal function and production and is extremely effective in the teaching and learning of singing in contemporary commercial music styles.

Michelle enjoys chocolate, making music with her family and friends, hanging out with horses and chocolate. 

She also holds a Diploma of Teaching. 

Jeremy Gray

Drums, Piano, Music Production

Jeremy is one of those young people who really enjoys hitting random objects to a beat while creating a great sound.  He participates in this activity very regularly. Jeremy has a wide range of experience drumming in rock and pop bands, orchestras, jazz bands, musicals and brass bands.   himself, Jeremy's teaching style is friendly and student centered.   

Jeremy has completed Grade 8 Rockschool - Drum kit.