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Timmelle Music Studios provides a friendly, boutique style recording experience to suit your needs.
"Timmelle Music Studios has a friendly team, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere while producing great quality music"  
Testimonial by Ash 

We know what it’s like.  You’ve written a song that just won’t let you go.  Or you’ve been practising your instrument or your singing and have got it sounding exactly like you want it to, or nearly, and you’re wishing for a way to record it with a result that will sound SO much better than your phone. Do you need to put together a demo album so that you can get the gig you want?  Or how about one to sell? 

No matter what you’re reason for recording is, whether it be for your own pleasure or for the masses to hear, Timmelle Music Studios are here to help you.  Tim and Jeremy are friendly, capable musicians and recording technicians who use all of the best professional software including Cubase and Pro-tools.  We also have a range of instruments both “real” and digital if you don’t feel like or are unable to bring your own. 

The Studio

Our air-conditioned, comfortable studio, while being acoustically treated for best recording results, is set up to make you feel happy and relaxed.  With  the recording room separate to the control room  there's plenty of space to make music.  Best of all we are on a mission to do all we can to help and encourage you to give you the confidence you need to make your recording dreams a reality.

Live Sound Recording

Got an amazing gig coming up for yourself, your choir or band that you’d like to have recorded?  Timmelle Music Studios are able to come to your gig or event to record it while it’s happening, giving you a solid record of the amazing atmosphere and sounds that you were able to create. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your recording  project. 

"My brother and I had a great time recording a couple of songs with Timmelle Music Studios! Tim and Michelle are so easy to work with, very professional and helpful, especially for those who are just starting with music. Trust me, you'll be very impressed once you step inside the studio! It's a very cosy place to record and it is professionally set up to gain the best sound quality! Absolutely awesome." 

Testimonial by Elmer